An Acoustic Kind of Christmas CD / DVD available 11-23-18

Follower of Jesus, pastor, husband, father, and musician.

An Acoustic Kind of Christmas CD / DVD

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"Done with the utmost of grace and style, Ruskin Clay taps into the spirit of Christmas. Everything about the arrangements feels light, bright, and airy. 

By keeping production so crisp, these tracks are imbued with a strong sense of life. Guitar work, purely acoustic, virtually sings as it effortlessly matches with the carefully delivered vocals. Vocals possess a great earnestness to them as they proceed in a gorgeous, colorful fashion. By keeping things to the essentials Ruskin Clay sculpts a serene, soothing sound.

With “Angels We Have Heard on High” Ruskin Clay offers a soulful rendition of the classic, ensuring that the song evolves in a perfect way reminiscent at times of early Fleet Foxes. A delicate, fragile arrangement defines the pastoral “What Child”. Going for an intimate approach is the tenderness of “Joy to the World” where a certain rustic charm helps to tie the hold of the track together. The glowing keys of “Silent Night” allows a certain thoughtful atmosphere to take hold, one of reassurance and optimism. Gentle grooves glide through the whole of the spacious, lush work of “Hark the Herald Angels Sing”. Rich strings resonate over the course of the stripped-down spirit of “O Come Emmanuel”. By far the highlight comes from the powerful performance of “O Holy Night” where multiple layers intermingle in a beautiful way.

Ruskin Clay’s work represents the absolute best about Christmas, the warmth and togetherness that truly make it the best time of the year."


Ruskin Clay "An Acoustic Kind of Christmas" CD / DVD

Ruskin Clay "An Acoustic Kind of Christmas" CD / DVD